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Shabilla Boutique

On Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

Shabilla Boutique is an Indonesian based boutique especially for hijab friendly clothing.

They mostly deal with evening/occasion wear though they have a few casual pieces in their collection as well. I was quite impressed by their ‘cotton candy’ collection, the array of fabrics and the soothing pastel colours. Take a look at their work yourself :


“Shabilla is more than just a boutique. we are not focusing ourself only in producing clothes, but also thinking hard how to makes our ideas come alive.

“cotton candy” is another idea we’d love to make alive. the inspiration comes from cotton candy. it sweets, light, and has 3 colors. simple yet, isnt it?

cotton candy is our very first collection. we will come up with another fresh ideas.”

– Nabilla Ayumi




You can also call them at their hotline: 08561660208 for more information regarding their designs.

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  1. endah says:

    Assalamualaikum wr wb …

    Saya sedang mencari cd tutorial hijab, apakah shabilla menyediakan cd tersebut?

    Mohon infonya ya

    Waalaikumsalam wr wb


  2. shabill says:

    nice..nice.. nice… koleksinya bagus2 ya… :)

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