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Shabby Chic by Ria Miranda

On Friday, December 31st, 2010

“Modesty has its own style. Within Islam’s mandate for modesty, the styles are endless..”

Indonesia have many talented young designers on muslimah clothing. One of these talented young designers is Ria Miranda, who is specializing in ‘Contemporary Casual’ muslimah clothing. I visited her blog, titled Shabby Chic, and I straightly fell in love with her collection… Stunning!
Unfortunately, there are not many pictures on her blog that showing her collection. I will share with you if I get more of her design works.
Check out here to get to know what she has on her blog!
Ria’s clothing line can also be bought. The details about how to buy and the prices are on her blog.
This is my favorite’s look from her collection:

Picture 2
I love the maxi dress and I want to learn and practise the way this model wrap her hijab… ^_^

With part of the scarves drape beautifully on one side, this hijab wrapping looks so sweet and feminine:

Picture 5

Gorgeous outfits paired with a hat… Sooo adorable!:

Picture 4

(Photo credit: Ramsy/Ria Miranda, via

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