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Dian Pelangi

On Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

dianpelangiThe brands name combines the name of its young designer, 19-year-old Dian Wahyu Utami, and the Indonesian word for rainbow to reflect its colourful designs on ankle-length dresses, jeans, tops and scarves. The dyes used for producing its trademark brilliant and vivid colours are a mix of 30 per cent natural dyes and 70 per cent chemical dyes, an improvement from the solely-chemical dyes used by Dian Pelangi the company, which is owned by Dian’s parents and produces Muslim fashion from its branches in Pekalongan, Central Java; Jakarta,northwest coast of Java; Palembang, South Sumatra; and Medan, North Sumatra. The company has more than 500 employees, all of whom are paid above government-recommended wages, and it also provides accommodation for its live-in staff [many of Indonesia’s working class leave their villages to work in the cities].

Working hours accommodate Muslim prayer times, and other religious allowances the company provides  include providing for mushollahs (prayer areas) and religious classes for its staff. For information and orders, contact 62.285.4317.09 or search for Dian Pelangi on Facebook.


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  4. naseeha says:

    i love your designes could you send me more designs i am plaaning on opening a boutique maybe we could work together. stunning

  5. rhani says:

    saya tunggu di mataram mall, acara hijabers, saya tertarik dengan bisnis jilbab/hijab, I want you give me some support your product, I like thatt

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