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Busana Muslim Nuansa Pelangi

On Monday, May 7th, 2012

Untuk inspirasi, Busana Muslim dengan Nuansa Pelangi















Silk chiffon metallic-hued skirt and cardigan dress, beige Lycra top, silk chiffon pants worn as headwear and lace inner hijab by Irna la perle.


















Satin silk sequinned kaftan dress by Defrico Audy. Yellow linen and beige satin scarf worn as headwear by Dian Pelangi.





















Satin silk jumpsuit, rope belt and strand of Swarovski necklace by Syaar by Dara Wahid. Songket jacket by Dian Pelangi. Satin blue and grey scarf worn as headwear from the Aquila Style wardrobe





















Ombre silk and chiffon kaftan dress by Luire by Raden Sirait. Songket cocoon jacket and maroon Lycra inner hijab by Dian Pelangi. Olive tulle and chiffon metallic scarf from the Aquila Style wardrobe.





















Cotton abaya inner and cotton metallic sleeveless dress with embroidery and cotton embroidery scarf worn as headwear. Pairs of cuffs and silver bangles by Defrico Audy





















Silk chiffon evening dress with layered-detail bolero by Harry Ibrahim. Beige Lycra top by Irna la perle. Beige lace scarf worn as headwear by Defrico Audy. Lurex and orange chiffon scarf worn as headwear from the Aquila Style wardrobe.





















Rainbow tenun wrapped kimono dress with obi, brown songket bolero, maroon Lycra inner hijab, yellow and red tenun scarf worn as headwear, and strand of bangles by Dian Pelangi.


Styling & Concept Vindriana Meirin
Wardrobe Assistant Cynthia Prayudi
Photography Grace Gunawan
Makeup Caroline (Wardah Art Team)
Model Joanna (Fame Management)

Sumber: Aquila Asia

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  1. pahri says:

    Wih bagus banget,,,aku suka yang seperti itu

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